Passport photo requirements Turkey

Passport photo requirements Turkey

Passport photo requirements Turkey: these are that you must submit two official passport photos in color. This applies to both a business visa and a tourist visa.

These photos have the following requirements:

  • Dimensions 50 mm wide x 60 mm high
  • Size 35mm x 45mm & 50mm x 50mm are also often accepted
  • From chin to crown, the size of the head is 32 mm – 36 mm
  • Photographed straight from the front
  • Centered in the center of the passport photo
  • Eyes open and looking straight into the camera
  • No headgear, only allowed with religious beliefs
  • Preferably not to wear glasses in the photo to avoid discussion
  • Background is solid white with no shadows
  • Photo must be sharp and of good color and contrast
  • The face has a neutral expression, don’t smile
  • There should be no hair covering the eyes or ears
  • No red eyes
Pasfoto eisen Turkije vlag ASA FOTO Amsterdam

Adjustment in requirements:

We are aware of the latest developments in the rules and requirements that a country imposes on the passport photo. It is possible that a country decides to adjust the requirements for taking a passport photo. Therefore, always take the form that you receive from your consulate with you when you have the passport photo taken. In general, the consulate is the first to receive the new rules. We will then check for you whether the requirements correspond so that you are always up to date.

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