RDW Qualification Card (code 95)

Qualification Card Online

Since August 1, 2021 you can come to  ASA Foto & film Photographer Tessa Witvoet to take a photo for your online extension of the qualification card, the so-called “Declaration of Professional Competence (code 95)”. This certificate of professional competence is for drivers who work in the Netherlands but do not live there. It is possible for them to obtain this certificate in the Netherlands. The employer will often help you with this. When further training has been done in the Netherlands you can request the qualification card (proof of further training) with us. Walk in without an appointment!

Example Qualification Card

example qualification card driver front - ASA Photo & Film Photographer Tessa Whitefoot example qualification card driver backside - ASA Photo & Film Photographer Tessa Whitefoot
example front of qualification card example back of qualification card

Request conditions for qualification card

To apply for the “certificate of professional competence (code 95)”, the qualification card you must meet a number of conditions:

  • You have a Dutch employer
  • you are not registered at an address in the Netherlands (in the Dutch Basic Registration of Persons)
  • the driving training has been completed in the Netherlands 
    (if you have not yet done further training, look at the CBR for educators offering in-service training)

Step-by-step plan:

Take a passport photo (step 1 of 2) 

A passport photo must be taken before issuing the qualification card. This
must comply with the photo matrix 2020. This will take place at ASA Foto:

  • You can come to ASA as a (foreign) professional driver to have this photo taken.
  • You need place your signature in a special device so that it appears on the qualification card
  • Both the photo and the signature are digitally sent to the RDW in a secure manner. In addition to the photo and signature, it is also provided with personal details and for which categories, C (truck) and/or D (bus), one is competent.
  • A few minutes after we have sent it through the system the professional driver will receive an SMS and/or e-mail from the RDW with a unique code. The professional driver needs this code to submit the application online to the RDW.

Request Qualification Card (step 2 of 2) 

  • You have had the passport photo taken by us. 
  • Go to the online application form “request a qualification card
  • Fill in all the requested information and indicate where you want to pick up the card
  • Pay the RDW via bank transfer or direct debit
  • The RDW assesses the application within 10 working days, if approved you will receive an e-mail that the qualification card is ready and can be picked up.
  • Finally, you can pick up the qualification card without an appointment at the RDW location you indicated earlier. It is important to bring identification and the (foreign) driving license. If you have already received a qualification card you hand it in and you will receive the new one.


  • taking the photo and preparing the application is € 20,-
  • the application to the RDW for the qualification card is € 57

Additional explanation | What is a qualification card?

The qualification card is proof that a professional driver (bus or truck) is competent. Also known colloquially as the “code 95”. If you work professionally on a bus or truck, a valid “code 95” must be present.

For people who live and work in the Netherlands, this “code 95” is added to the Dutch driving license. This can be found on the back of the Dutch driving licence.
However, there is also a group of drivers who work in the Netherlands, but do not live in the Netherlands. Think of the foreign truck driver who works for a Dutch employer.

This driver has a foreign driver’s license and follows his professional hours in the Netherlands (35 hours in total). The driver cannot have these hours of professional competence added to his own foreign driving licence. In these cases, the RDW issues a qualification card.

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