Photo for online renewal of RDW Driving License

RDW driving license passport photo for online renewal

Since 1 October 2018, a one-year trial has been running in the Netherlands with the online renewal of your driving license at the RDW. This will also be possible in the municipality of Amsterdam from 10 December 2018. We are the passport photo specialist of Amsterdam and of course it is possible with us to have your passport photo taken for the online renewal of your RDW Driving license.

You only need to take three steps to renew your driving license. In short, this comes down to the following:

  1. Come to ASA Foto & Film | Photographer Tessa Witvoet , for an official RDW approved passport photo.
    We send this digitally to the RDW including your signature and you will receive the passport photo printed. The price for this service including a set passport photos is € 20.
  2. You will receive an e-mail from the RDW within a few minutes after the application, confirming whether you can extend it online.
    (You must also meet the conditions.)
  3. Finally, pick up your new driver’s license at the city counter after 2 days. The advantage of all this is that you don’t lose much time :-).

The conditions to be able to renew online:

  • You live in the municipality where online renewal is possible during this trial period
  • You already have a valid Dutch driver’s license
  • You are applying for an extension of your driver’s license or a category extension
  • You have a DigiD app with extra certainty about your identity
  • You have a mobile phone with Android (version 4.4 or higher) and with NFC chip
  • You have an Apple phone (iPhone 7 or later) with at least iOS13
  • And you have eather an issued driver’s license after November 14, 2014 OR a Dutch passport containing a chip.
RDW recognized ASA Photographer Tessa Witvoet driving license passport photo

How do the three steps work? (something more extensive)

If you meet the above conditions, you can arrange the extension of your driving license in three steps.

Step 1: Have your passport photo taken at ASA Foto & Film | Photographer Tessa Witvoet

The passport photo must meet certain requirements and be taken by the RDW-approved photographer. ASA Photo & Film | Photographer Tessa Witvoet is a RDW-certified pass photographer. Take your driver’s license with you when you have the photo taken. After having the photo taken, you put your signature with us that will later be used on your driver’s license. We will immediately send your passport photo and signature securely and digitally to the RDW. You will receive an e-mail from the RDW within a few minutes. It states whether you can renew your driving license online.

Someone who applies for a driving license for the first time still has to go to the town hall or the city counter and cannot do this digitally. In any case, you will receive a set of passport photos for your driver’s license because the government requires this from us. In addition, we will then send your digital photo and your signature digitally to the RDW. You can simply walk in to us, without an appointment. For our opening times and route, see here.

Step 2: Your online application – the RDW confirmation e-mail

Go to the website of Choose “digital application for driver’s license” and log in with the DigiD app. After you have logged in, you can arrange the renewal of your driving license within a few minutes. You can also indicate at which location within the municipality you want to collect your driving license. You pay directly via iDeal. The RDW issues the driving license. You can pick it up after 2 working days at the town hall or city counter. You will receive an email from the RDW when your driving license is ready at the municipality. (If that e-mail does not arrive now, there is nothing to worry about because you scan a QR code in our studio and it will be taken directly to the correct website.)

The site contains more information about the DigiD app.

Step 3: Collecting your driving license

You can collect your driving license at the location you specified in your municipality. Check the site of your municipality whether you need to make an appointment to collect your driving license. Take your current driver’s license and the printed passport photo with you, you must hand in the current driver’s license. Then you will receive the new driver’s license.

Quick check if you can renew your driving license online

 RDW check ASA Photographer Tessa Witvoet driver's license passport photo

Renew your driving license online

The 3 steps in a movie of the RDW. The steps are explained visually here. is part of ASA Foto & Film .
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